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The final phase of the auto body repair process is far from just adding the finishing touches. All the best body work in the world will be for nothing without a proper paint coat. We only accept the best finish work from ourselves and will not return the car to you until we are completely satisfied.
The skills of our experienced paint professionals combined with our expert tools and equipment make the difference. This process is more than spraying on a layer of paint. The repair area must first be evenly sanded and masked to match every curve and line in your car’s design. We then employ a state-of-the art color matching system to assist with our expert eye. Using only high-end PPG paints the color is applied in our headed downdraft booth. Once, dried and buffed, you won’t even be able to tell where the collision occurred.
We also offer detailing services for vehicles not in need of damage repair. Making cars look good in every way is our passion. It’s something we step back and take pride in. Our multi-step buff and wax system can give your car new life. We’ll even give the interior a good vacuum and cleaning, at your request.
So, whether you are looking for a new paint job due to damage or just want to change or update the look of your vehicle, it’s always in the right hands in our finishing department!