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1. Listen to Word of Mouth
This is the most powerful recommendation you can get. Friends, family and acquaintances can give first hand information of real experiences. Talking with satisfied customers is your most reliable guide and can give you a helpful account of the standard of service and workmanship on offer.
2. Get a Number of Estimates
Taking the cheapest offer is not the best practice. Always avoid offers of a really fast and particularly low priced service, as this tends to indicate that they are taking short cuts and performing shoddy work. At the same time you don’t want to be overcharged.
3. Look at Shop Operation and Overheads
Take note of how the shop is operated. Labor charges are usually the major expense involved. The larger shops with more office workers up front usually need to charge higher for labor to cover the costs of the additional staff. While the business may inspire confidence with their customer service appearance you may end up paying for exaggerated estimates.
4. Organization is a Good Sign
Take a good look around the shop. Does it seem well organized? Body repair requires meticulous and detailed work and a disorganized or chaotic workshops do not indicate that this will be the type of service provided.
5. Certifications Tell a Story
It doesn’t hurt to take a quick peek at any mechanics certificates displayed on the walls. It’s always good to note that the shop is keeping the mechanics up to date with all the latest skills and technologies in the industry.
6. Is There a Guarantee in Writing?
Check the length of warranty and exactly what is covered. A one year warranty should be the absolute minimum provided and find out if it covers both parts and labor? Another important question to ask is if the shop has fire and theft insurances. You need to be sure of coverage in the event of misfortune with your vehicle being stolen or destroyed.
7. Go with Your Intuition
Finally, after weighing up the options you then need to trust your own instincts. Remember that you will certainly be happier at a shop whose owner and staff communicate well and are agreeable and pleasant. If they are able to answer your questions while being professional and on the ball it gives a good impression and creates confidence. This suggests that their work will be done in the same manner.